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I didn't have a choice... - The survivors of Sodom and Gomorrah? College Board. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I didn't have a choice... [Sep. 17th, 2007|11:01 pm]
1 - List seven weird/quirky habits about myself
2 - Tag seven people to do the same
3 - not just say "whoever wants to do it" or refuse to tag people

1.  If you call or IM me and I don't recognize your voice/screenname, I'll talk to you anyway.
2.  I was born a curly blonde, but am currently a straight brunette. 
3.  I am capable of having four-hour-long conversations with someone who I've already talked to that day. 
4.  I almost never wear shorts in public.  (almost, not never)
5.  I still remember the chorus to my session song from the first time I ever went to summer camp, when I was eight years old.  (call me and I'll sing it for you)
6.  When I was ten years old, I could tell the difference between granite and marble better than most adults. 
7.  I have been told that I speak Hebrew (not just reciting prayers) in my sleep, and did sign language when I was recovering from anesthesia. 

I tag....
zoey, sam, hamutahl, jack, galina, hunter, and jane.